Kieron Gillen on “Billy’s brothers”.

See? This is what I dislike when it comes to new things. Same happened when I started reading New 52 in DC. I don’t get why they had to remove Billy’s brothers "because of reasons", sure they never got names and they never seemed to be very important in the comics; heck, we never got to see them in a single panel, but they still tell a lot about Billy and his personality.

Personally, I think they are a piece of the big puzzle Billy’s life is. And I just really hate it when writers think they can erase/delete/kill without reason this or that character and expect us to forget about them.

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    …that’s actually kind of amazing in a horrifying sort of way. Billy’s powers are terrifying, especially since it seems...
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    Billy’s brothers got a one sentence explanation by Heinberg and he never expanded on them, even when they were at...
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    I saw this on my dash a bit further up and I feel the same way like… So what if you don’t see them they’re not relevant...
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